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Route of Cultural Interest of Kato Koufonisi:

Panagia – Lakkoi – Detis – Alonistria – Nero

The Route starts from the anchorage of the island, Panagia, where the picturesque chapel of the same name welcomes the traveler in a particularly evocative and abstract atmosphere. Heading southwest, the path climbs slightly towards the island’s small residential concentration on a hill with a beautiful view. It then descends and follows an almost coastal course, successively meeting the virgin beaches of “Lakkos” and “Deti”. Hiker’s next stop, after a short climb to the “Alonistria” hill, offers the unique visual experience of an immense seascape in the Lesser Cyclades archipelago.

The end of the Route is at the long sandy coast “Nero”. During the summer months, there is the possibility to return by sea to the small port of the island.